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Soya Bean Meal is an important source of protein which is used to feed farm animals. It is also been an accepted part of livestock and poultry diet in the whole world due to its feeding value which is unsurpassed comparing to any other plant protein.

Soya Bean Meal Feed Production took off in mid-1970s and later accelerated in 1990s due to its demand. Soya Bean Meal is a by- product which is produced during the extraction of Soya Bean Oil. There are many processes to extract Soya Bean Oil which do result in different by products, while solvent extraction procedure soya beans are cracked, heated, flaked and the Soya Bean Oil is extracted by using the hexane as a solvent. The flakes extracted from the solvent extraction process are dried to remove the solvent, toasted and ground. While in mechanical procedure soya beans are cracked, dried, heated and mechanically pressed and flakes produced are dried and ground.

Variation in the process such as treatments that improvise the by-pass proteins value of the meal for ruminants these are heating combination, chemical treatment and mechanical treatments. The extracted flakes can be refined into Soya Bean Flour and also isolates that they have specific food and feed applications.

Soya bean meal is classified for marketing by its protein contents or protein and oil contents. Soya bean meal is categorized as “High-Protein�? which contains 49-50% Protein, oil and 3% Crude Fibre and is acquired from DE hulled seeds. Low Protein meals have 44-46% protein, oil and 6-7% Crude fibre that has the hulls. The soya bean meal extracted in solvent extraction procedure the oil content is lower than 2% in mechanically extracted Soya Bean Meal is more than 3%.

The Soya Bean Meal is also known as soya bean oil cake which is created by grinding the soya bean to extract soya bean oil. It is used as filler which is a good source of protein in animal diet and used in poultry, cattle, and fish feed.

We offer you soya bean, soya bean oil and soya bean meal directly through our manufacturing partners based in India, United States, Argentine, Canada, Paraguay, Uruguay and Ukraine.

  • Specifications of Soya bean
  • Protein (N X 6.25) 50% Min
    Moisture 07-10% Max
    Fat 1.20% Max
    Ash 6.50% Max
    Crude Fiber 2.50-4.00% Max
    Sand & Silica 0.40% Max
    Urease Activity \Min at 30°C 0.05 -0.20 Mgn/g
    P.D.I. 020-35% Min
    Microbial Analysis
    Total Plate Count / g 50,000
    Coliforms / g 10 Max
    E. Coli. /g Absent
    Yeast & Moulds /g 100 Max
    Salmonella / 25 g Absent

  • Specifications of India origin Soya bean Meal
  • Protein 46%-48% Min
    Moisture 10%-12% Max
    Oil Content 1.25% Max
    Sand & Silica 2.5% Max
    Fiber 6% Max
    Sand & Silica 0.40% Max
    Urease Activity \Min at 30°C 0.3mg/g Max.

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