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The Synthetic and natural rubbers are used in making of many products ranging from rubber bands, toys to tyres of auto mobiles and aircrafts. Rubber Processing Oil contains High Quality Base Oil which is blended with a balance of mixture additives. Rubber Process Oils used in mixing of rubber compounds. This improves the dispersion of filler, flow characteristics of the compound.

Rubber Process Oils play a key factor in mixing of rubber compounds. This helps in improving the dispersion of fillers and also improves the flowing characteristics of the compound for further process. Our Rubber Process Oils are developed as per the rubber type and end product applications

Rubber Process Oils have three types.

Aromatic Type

The basic characteristic of aromatic hydrocarbons is that it has double bonded mix ring carbon structure. Aromatic types of extracts are sourced from selected refineries and blended to meet the strict specifications and is used for compounding batches in manufacturing of tread rubbers, tyres and calendared and moulded sheets.

Naphthenic Type

Naphthenic type is a class of hydrocarbons and also is known as cycloparaffins. The structure is nearly same to the aromatic type and has the single bonded and stable structure. This type is ideal for moulded articles, slippers, floor tiles and slippers due to unique color stability, solubility and thermal permanence.

Paraffinic type

Paraffinic type comes into the class of hydrocarbons which constitutes of branched chain or straight linked hydrocarbons molecules of many viscosities. The viscosity increases because of the chain length and rubber process oils becomes more viscous. That is the why it is used extensively in EPDM, Butyl Rubbers. Paraffinic Oils due to higher viscosity and flashpoint is better to make the end products which require better shelf life. Paraffinic Oils are also used in EPDM profiles for automotive applications due to its higher viscosity and flashpoint.

In addition to the above three type we also offer you a range of non-carcinogenic low PCA (Polycyclic aromatics) oils which meet the EU regulations. This range also includes mild extract solvate type (MES) and (RAE) Residual Aromatic Extract oils. The blend of heavy paraffinic oils comes in (MES) category and aromatic extract are in (RAE) while both types contain polycyclic aromatics content and are less than 3% as required by EU regulations.

We offer you Rubber Process Oils sourced from Rubber Process Oil Manufacturers refineries and suppliers from Iran, India and many other origins worldwide as per your specifications and applications.

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