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Kala Chana is also known as Chana, Pis Chiche, Gram, Bengal Gram and Desi Chick Peas. Canada Origin Desi Chick Peas are available in light to the dark brown color. The size ranges from 6mm to 7mm and thick seed coat. Around 80% of Desi Chick Peas are used in making of Chana Dahl after split. The Split Chana Dhal is used in making of Flour called Basen.

There are two kinds of Chickpeas Kabuli Chickpeas and Desi. The Kabuli variety is large seeded, delicate, color less and with a thin white coat. This variety is used into snacks in south Asia, used in hummus in Middle East and also canned whole for the salad bar in North America.

The Desi or Kala Chana is small seeded, hard, colored and with a thick seed coat. This is often is exported to Indie. Kala Chana is prepared for consumption by DE hulling and splitting and later is used as a Kala Chana or grinned into flour known as basin.

There is around 85% to 90% production of chick peas is Desi (Kala Chana) and this is lower in price. The Chickpeas are consumed in the countries where they are grown. Only in India the Chickpeas Production is 56% to 72% of the world. India imports chickpeas despite being the world’s largest producer.

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