Mazut (CST 280, CST 380)

The Mazut is a low quality, Heavy Fuel Oil in generating plants. Mazut is blended to produce the diesel.

Mazut is consisting of Residual Fuel Oils, it also includes those which are obtained by blending. The kinematic viscosity is more than 10 cSt at 80°C. the flash point is more than 50°C and density is 0.90 kg/l.

Types of Fuel Oil

High Sulphur Fuel Oil, HSFO

Low Sulphur Fuel Oil, LSFO

Specifications of Fuel Oil 280

S.No. Analysis Unit Limit Test Method
01. Density @ 15˚c Kg/m3 970 Max ASTM D 1298
02. Kinematic Viscosity @50˚c cSt 280 Max ASTM D 445
03. Viscosity Redwood1 @37.8 ˚C Sec 2500 Max Calculated
04. Pour Point ˚C 24 Max ASTM D 97
05. Flash Point ˚C 65 Min ASTM D 93
06. Sulphur Total Wt% 3.5 Max ASTM D1552
07. Carbon Residue(conradson) Wt% 15 Max ASTM D 189
08. Ash Wt% 0.05 Max ASTM D 482
09. Water & Sediment Vol% 0.5 Max ASTM D 1796
10. Calorific Value (Higher) Mj/Kg 41.8 Min Calculated

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