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  • Canola Oil

Canola Oil is healthy, natural and produced from Canola Seeds Oil. The average oil is extracted form Canola Seeds is around 45%. Canola is heart healthy because the least saturated fats are found in common Canola Cooking Oil. Canola Oil reduces the heart diseases risk when is replaced to the saturated fats.

Canola Oil can be used for any type of cooking. Canola Oil has a neutral taste and light texture. Canola Oil has a high heat tolerance which makes for any type of cooking from baking to stir-frying to deep frying and grilling.

We have been supplying Canola Oil to many parts of the world to our buyers with their own required customized packing and labels. We are able to supply you 500ml bottles to bulk volume.

The packing we provide is 500ml, 946ml, 1L, 2l, 3L, 5L, 8L and 16L. We also export and trade drummed Canola Oil in 190kg drums to 1000 kg.

We have been supplying and fulfilling supply requirement of buyers since many years, you can take advantage of our expertise regarding the technical specification and logistic solutions. If you need 1x20ft containers for the testing or interested in dozens of containers to full fill the demand of your market or looking Canola Oil in drums and by utilizing our services you will find competitive prices and swift delivery of your Canola Oil products from multiple origin such as Russian, Ukraine, China, Argentine, Canada and United Sates.

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