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  • Chana Dhal
  • Mixed Pulses
  • Kala Channa

Chana Dhal is also knows as Split Desi Chickpea, Yellow Gram, Gram, Chana Pois, Bengal Gram and Chicke Shihu. Chana Dhal is made from Peeled Desi Chickpeas and Split to Half.

These peas are member of legume family. Split Yellow Peas are Split Half After Husking. These are Pale Green in color and ¼ inch round in size. The flavor is mild and texture is soft. The Split Pea has an earthly flavor comparing to Whole Dried Pea and same to the lentils in terms of Versatility and Nourishment.

Chana Dahl is an excellent source of proteins and contains around 25% protein by weight as we is nearly same to the meat. It is fat free and also rich in carbohydrates, Vitamin B, folic acid and thiamine. Chana Dahl has also several minerals most importantly is iron and zinc.

In India and Pakistan it is eaten with bread (Roti) and rice. The manner of cooking across South Asia varies as per the different parts.

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