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Slack Wax are derived from lubricating oils and are less refined high oil products. These high oils have relatively high oil content and processed further to produce more refined waxes. Most of the slack waxes do not full fill FDA requirements in terms of food packaging. Slack waxes have range in melting point from 105°F to 150°F while other contents are around 5.0% to 35%.

Slack Wax is being used in many industries which are candle making industries, food industries, pharmaceuticals, insulations, cosmetics, textile,wax emulsions, matches, rust protective products, constructions boards and moisture vapor barriers and etc.

We are supplying excellent quality Slack Wax and attain a good market reputation in trading of slack waxes.

Slack Wax products:

  • Heavy Slack Wax 15%-17%
  • Light Slack Wax (3-5%)

  • Abdul Sattar Sons is one of the market leaders in trade, exports and brokerage of slack waxes of excellent quality. Our sales team is committed who understands your requirements due to many years of experience in supplying the slack wax products. If you are more interested in product information or need place an order contact or inquire our Sales team.

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