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  • Super Kernal Parboiled Rice
  •  Super Kernal Parboiled Rice
  • Super Kernal Basmati Rice

Abdul Sattar Sons is an exporter and supplier of Super Kernal Basmati Rice Variety. Super Kernal Basmati Rice is most popular and premium rice, cultivated in Punjab and Sindh provinces of Pakistan. This Supreme rice variety known by its length, pointing edges, aroma, white sheen and well slender long grain shape. The flavor of rice is nutty, for that it is adored all over the world for its taste and grand flavor.

Rice variety passes certain chemical and physical tests to ensure that our customer get the high standard product with great nutritional value.

We also offer customized packing and oem brands.

Super Kernal Basmati Rice Specifications

Moisture Content 13% Max
Average Grain Length 7.50 MM
Polishing Grade Double/Silky Polished
Broken Grains 2% Max
Chalky Grains 3% Max
Foreign Grains 0.2% Max
Foreign Matter 0.1% Max
Paddy Grain 0.2 % Max
Under-milled & Red-striped 2% Max

Customized packing is available in 1kg, 5kg, 20kg, 25kg and 50 kg. The bag material is cotton, PP and Jute. We are exporting this variety to United States, Africa, Europe, Middle East and United Kingdom.

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