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Rice Arborio (Risotto)

Arborio Rice is a range of Short-Grained Rice consumed mainly in the traditional preparation of Risotto. It is cultivated in Italy, United States and Arborio Rice Variety was developed in Italy. Its shape is fat, short and slightly oval and pearl white outer. It is less milled than Long Grain Rice because of that it keeps it natural starch content. During cooking the starch releases that gives risotto a creamy consistency and it has ability to absorb flavours.

The United States Origin Arborio Rice has physical properties like is 2.0-209/length/width, Large, bold rice kernel with characteristic white dot at the centre of the grain.

When Arborio Rice Variety is well milled its color is very white and it is also sold as brown.

We sell superior quality of rice Arborio from our partner suppliers in based in Italy and United States. You will find us highly competitive in price and the quality you will receive is unmatched.

The customized packing is done as per requirement to serve the retails and bulk market sector with your own brand. We offer you 1kg, 2kg, 5kgbags.

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