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Small Red Beans are known as Habichuelas, Habas Paquenos Colorados and Red Mexican. These beans are Plump, Round Beans and have the Deep Brick Red Color. The size of the bean is ½ inch long. The flavor is mild and texture is firm. This bean is much famous in southern red bean dish and Rice.

The Small Red Beans we are supplying are of best quality and as per our buyers required specifications. Small Red Beans are an excellent source of nutrition and also knows as chili beans. Small Red Beans contain fiber, protein and also rich in flavor. These beans are much popular in India and United States.

The Small Red Beans we supply is an ideal product for long term storage. Our Small Red Beans can be stored for 1 year if sealed in 50 pounds bags and kept in cool and dry place.

We offer you Red Kidney Beans as per your requirement and also supply you from our strong network of suppliers based in India, Brazil, Myanmar, China, United States, Tanzania and Kenya. We source and offer red beans at competitive price near to your location to save the freight costs and make possible efficient deliveries to your destination.

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